10. Bob Harris: Most Interesting Man In The World

Bryan sits down at the microphone with Bob Harris, best known for his multiple appearances on Jeopardy and his book, The International Bank of Bob, which focuses on one of Bryan’s favorite websites, Kiva.com. Enjoy their fast-paced conversation covering a whole lot more than simply how to be a successful writer.

00:01:02 – The answer to the meaning of life question.
00:03:55 – Country count.
00:10:20  – Wolf Blitzer Jeopardy.
00:15:33 – The blessings of Jeopardy.
00:21:24 – How to train your brain to remember.
00:30:45 – Bob and Bryan discuss Bitcoin.
00:36:43 – The luxury writing world.
00:41:15 – Finding Kiva in Qatar.
00:52:12 – The wide reach of an idea.
01:01:22 – Lightning round.
01:14:12  – The most important part of your script. (Bob Harris’s Parachute)
01:22:36  – How important is it to live in LA white writing.

LINKS – (In order of appearance)
The International Bank of Bob by Bob Harris
Who Hates Whom by Bob Harris
Prisoner of Trebekistan: A Decade in Jeopardy! by Bob Harris
Wolf Blitzer Jeopardy Fail
Brainiac: Adventures in the Curious, Competitive, Compulsive World of Trivia Buffs by Ken Jennings
Ian Foster Novels
Breathe: The Simple, Revolutionary 14-Day Program to Improve Your Mental and Physical Health by Belisa Vranich
Michael Arndt

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