24. Kenji Williams: Bella Gaia And Beyond

Today, my guest is Kenji Williams, a composer and director for multimedia live theater, mixed reality, and interactive data visualization. What does that mean? Well, I met Kenji at an event in San Francisco where he showed me through VR a view of the planet earth that just blew my mind. It helped me to experience not only the beauty but the interconnectivity, the fragility of planet earth, and I was absolutely blown away. Since that time I have learned more from Kenji and this conversation was awesome. He talks about his journey as a multidisciplinary artist beginning at age six as a classically trained violinist, the son of a Buddhist and a Quaker. As he was raised, he pursued film. He also became a DJ, was in the rave culture, made a documentary about indigenous rituals, lived for a while in the psychedelic culture, did an artistic production with artist Alex Gray. You will find this conversation useful, interesting, inspiring. So with that, please enjoy this conversation with Kenji Williams.

00:02:16 – The San Francisco Forbes Magazine event.
00:04:59 – How does Kenji explain who he is?
00:13:44 – Film school and beyond.
00:21:12 – Moment Utopia
00:30:35 – Why is this your life’s work?
00:38:31 – Connecting with NASA.
00:48:51 – Lightening round.
00:55:53 – Next big project?
01:19:29 – How to remain an optimistic


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Moment Utopia



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