26. Colin Beavan: A Fulfilling Life and a Better World

Today, my guest is Colin Beavan, author of No Impact Man, the Adventures of a Guilty Liberal who Attempts to Save the Planet and the Discoveries He Makes About Himself and Our Way of Life in the Process. Colin has also written a book called How To Be Alive. Now, I found Colins’s book used at a second-hand bookstore. This book is printed on post-consumer waste paper printed with soy ink. It’s very environmentally friendly, which is no surprise given that it contains the stories and experiences of a man who lived a year without producing any trash except for compost. Purchasing no goods except for food and that food had to be grown within a 250 mile radius. He used no carbon-emitting transportation, no airplanes, no buses, no cars for a year. He didn’t even use elevators, taking the stairs. Now, all of that with a family living in New York City. Oh, and no paper products either including no toilet paper. He’s appeared on the Colbert Report, Good Morning America, Nightline, just about every morning show in the country. He holds a PhD from the University of Liverpool and he’s an all-around good guy.

00:02:21 What is life about?
00:03:53 Daughter Bella’s purpose of life.
00:14:34 Criticism surrounding the documentary.
00:28:15 Building literal bridges.
00:30:11 A model for changing a persons life.
00:51:04 What Colin would have changed with No Impact Man.
00:54:56 Lightening round.
01:10:16 Specific questions about writing.
01:33:14 Qualities of a great sentance.

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