44. AJ Jacobs: Immersion Journalism

In this episode my guest is AJ Jacobs – author, journalist, lecturer, and human guinea pig. AJ has written four New York Times bestsellers, with his writing combining memoir, science, humor, and a dash of self help. His genre immersion journalism, has also been called stunt journalism, where he goes deep into a particular topic or experience and then writes about it (sometimes for years).

Jacobs also writes for the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, and New York Magazine. His most recent book and the one that we explore most in this interview is, Thanks A Thousand: A Gratitude Journey, where he endeavors to thank everyone who was involved in making his morning cup of coffee possible.

We also talk about his creative process. We talk about how he chooses the topics that he devotes years of his life to. We talk about how he finishes, how he gets books over the finish line and have them be good. I believe that you will take away at least one thing that will improve the quality of your life and help you to make a contribution to others. So please enjoy.

00:03:21 – What’s life about?
00:13:27 – Origin Story
00:28:18 – How did writing this book change your life?
00:30:25 – Expressing yourself naturally
00:35:38 – Lightning round.
01:02:13 – The Creative Process
01:07:06 – Reaching the finish line

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