45. Brian Scudamore: WTF?! Willing To Fail

Brian is the founder and CEO of O2E Brands, Ordinary to Exceptional. 1-800-GOT-JUNK, WOW, One Day Painting, You Move Me, and Shack Shine. He’s also a regular contributor to Forbes.

Brian is a high school and a college dropout who has built what has become a nearly half a billion-dollar group of companies. Brian is also author of WTF?! (Willing To Fail: How Failure Can Be Your Key to Success. Brian talks about passion and if you don’t know exactly what you’re passionate about, how to approach finding your passion or not bothering and just making a commitment instead.

We talk about his company’s values, how he decided what they would be and the difference they have made in his organization. Brian shares about the inclusiveness with which he has grown his organization from the time it was called rubbish boys when it was really just himself. Brian also shares why he has his assistant lock him out of his own social media and email while he’s on vacation. If you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body, I think you’ll enjoy this conversation with Brian.

 00:02:38 – What’s life about?
00:08:43 – Advice on clarity.
00:26:58 – Why did Brian write WTF?
00:41:47 – Racing to the conflict.
00:50:25 – Lightning round.
01:06:15  – A deeper discussion of the book writing process.

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WTF?! (Willing to Fail): How Failure Can Be Your Key to Success
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