53. Solo Episode #2: Becoming Brilliant

Welcome to the School for Good Living podcast. This is the 2nd solo episode this month and it’s just you, me, and my producer Dallan.

Today I open up about my own struggles with identity and how a sweat lodge experience in New Mexico helped me clarify the constant questions – Who am I? What do I want? Why am I here? Challenging questions that we carry most of our lives but rarely get the opportunity to dedicate our awareness to.

There is this idea that any one of us is so much more than anything we could possibly use to describe ourselves, including our name. I love this saying, that we are more like rivers than statues. Because no matter what, life is in this constant dynamic flow and I want to share with you one small story on how I didn’t become Bryan Banana.

Enjoy this episode and if you have topics that you think might be useful to explore on this show, I invite you to email me at [email protected]

00:01:27 – What a man can be
00:02:56 – Blessed or cursed
00:07:31 – The challenge is not finding the answers
00:010:03 – Bryan Banana
00:13:46 – What is it you ultimately want to be?


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