55. Solo Episode #4: Daily Driver

So as I prepared for this solo cast I thought, what could I share that might be of value to you? I want to do two things: 1) I want to share with you a story about my six year old daughter, and 2) I want to invite you to really think about your own routine. Is your routine supporting you?

As a coach I have seen (I’ve seen in my own life as well), that all human behavior is a series of patterns. Maybe today is an opportunity to really look at that and consciously map out what your ideal day would look like. If there was a single day that you could live, day in and day out, what kind of day would it be?

I often think about how remarkable it is that you can change your entire life with a single decision.

00:01:49 – Right hand vs. Left hand
00:05:44 – Life as a race track
00:17:57 – My routine


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