56. Solo Episode #5: Exploring Authenticity

This week in my 5th solo podcast episode, I’m going to explore five questions on the topic of authenticity. In my coaching practice I find this topic to be one that everyone wrestles with.

What does it mean to be authentic? What does it mean to feel comfortable in your own skin and how can we do it? One of the questions that I like to ask people that I work with when I coach is who’s the most authentic person you know and what about them makes you think they’re authentic?

What you need to know is you don’t need anyone to give you permission to be yourself. When you make that choice, it begins a virtuous cycle. As you more fully express your innermost self, you tap into your core genius, access more of your power, and increase the likelihood you will make the contribution that only you can make.

I want to thank my friend and client, Juliana, who’s in my Life’s Best Practices Breakthrough Coaching program, for asking these five questions.

00:02:48 – Disempowering & empowering beliefs
00:13:01 – Bronnie Ware
00:22:10 – My tool to discovering what I really want.

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