65. Nick Egan – Breaking Free of Our Perspective Prisons Part 2

Nick Egan is a religion scholar, sought-after speaker, and an executive and business coach focusing on helping individuals and organizations maximize their potential and improve their leadership skills while improving their personal and professional development. He is the author of Shift: The Art of Transforming Limitations, a book that shares stories and insight on overcoming obstacles and challenges through intentional shifts in your mindset. He has helped countless organizational leaders and entrepreneurs to transform their mindset, dismantle mental limitations, and reclaim their freedom, flexibility, and success.

Nick joins me today to discuss why he believes our thoughts and emotions are similar and why he compares emotions to firecrackers. We discuss the importance of embracing our thoughts and emotions and the negative spiral that is created by suppressing them. We also discuss Nick’s perspective on using meditation to embrace your emotions, why some people find it difficult to see positive results from meditation, and why Nick believes life is like an ‘endless knot of discovery.’

“Emotion is essentially a thought that you can feel.” – Nick Egan

This week on The School for Good Living Podcast:

  • Why Nick compares our emotions to firecrackers and the connection between our thoughts and our emotions
  • The importance of embracing your emotions instead of suppressing them
  • Using meditation to embrace your emotions
  • How the practice of mindfulness has evolved over the years
  • Why Nick believes life is like an endless knot of discovery
  • Travel hacks he has learned throughout his traveling experiences
  • Why he began drinking black tea
  • One thing Nick wishes every American knew more about
  • The importance of being gentle with yourself and those around you
  • Why leverage and amortization are the two most important financial lesson he has learned
  • The moment he decided to write his book: Shift: The Art of Transforming Limitations
  • The creative process Nick used to publish his book and where he seeks inspiration for his written work
  • Nick’s advice for aspiring authors to get your creative projects over the finish line
  • Nick’s opinion of the qualities of a great sentence and how writers can create more of them

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