75. Sydney Campos – Experiencing & Embodying Empathy Part 2

Working with visionary leaders to help them truly embody their purpose, Sydney Campos is a speaker, business strategy advisor, certified holistic health coach, founder of Odyssey, and the author of The Empath Experience: What to Do When You Feel Everything. Sydney embraces and integrates spiritual insights into her work and also serves as a registered yoga teacher and Reiki energy healer. She also hosts the Visionary Souls podcast and has been featured in Forbes, Refinery29, Bustle, MindBodyGreen, PureWow, and New York Magazine.

Sydney joins me today to discuss her work with energy and crystals and our power as individuals to create the energetic experiences we wish to have. She shares her journey to becoming an author, what her creative process for writing looks like, and how she views her book in terms of energetic currency. Sydney also highlights her upcoming book and how she intends to share it with an energy of celebration. 

“We have an invitation to share – to share our story, to share our wisdom, to share our revelation.” – Sydney Campos

This week on The School for Good Living Podcast:

  • Sydney’s life philosophy and something she wishes she was better at
  • How Sydney incorporates crystals into her life to support her energetically
  • Personal changes Sydney has made to live a better life
  • What kind of energy Sydney views money as and what it represents for her
  • Who supports Sydney in her writing process and where she draws her inspiration from
  • How the universe met Sydney halfway in the process of writing her book
  • The impact of your unique message and insight and why you should follow your impulse to share
  • How long it took Sydney to write The Empath Experience and how she approaches her writing to ensure that her energy is in the right place despite external stressors
  • The relationship between embodying truth and writing good sentences
  • Sydney’s goals for her upcoming book and how she plans to approach the promotional process

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