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Adam Ward is a visual artist whose forthcoming book, Brick x Brick, will be available in 2021. As an artist and master builder, Adam works with LEGO pieces as his medium. He is the creator and host of Brick x Brick, a YouTube video series for which he was dubbed the “Bob Ross of LEGO” and where teaches his audience how to unleash their creativity through building with LEGOs. Through his studio, Peace + Bricks, Adam has worked with and created major LEGO builds and installations for organizations such as Zappos, Tumblr, and many others.

Adam joins me today to share how his love of LEGO began, why he set it aside during his teenage years before picking it back up, and how he started a business around his passion for LEGOs. He shares the lessons he learned about earning money, residual income, and sharing your creativity with the world. He highlights the importance of taking action when it comes to starting a business and illustrates the path he is treading in writing his book. He also explores the intersection between creativity and commerce and reiterates his belief in how everybody can earn money by doing what they love.

“Every single person out there can make a living out of doing something they love. It takes a lot of effort and skill but it’s possible for everybody.” – Adam Ward

This week on The School for Good Living Podcast:

  • Why Adam believes life is about creativity and connection
  • Adam’s background and why he studied psychology instead of the arts in college
  • Building a food truck business with friends and the most important lesson Adam learned from the experience
  • Receiving commissions for LEGO builds and the most challenging part about working with clients as a LEGO artist
  • Getting gigs on Craigslist to supplement income as an artist and what working in events production taught Adam about building with LEGOs
  • Why Adam wrote his book, Brick x Brick
  • Finding his passion for LEGO for the first time as a child and why space sets are Adam’s favorite
  • How the unknown makes more room for creativity
  • Rekindling his passion for LEGOs, blending art and commerce, and how Adam started his LEGO business through a Kickstarter campaign
  • Making a living out of something we are passionate about
  • How Adam organizes plans, and structures his time as an artist
  • Adam’s path in publishing and how he conceptualized, structured, and wrote his book
  • Knowing your audience and how constraints can aid creativity
  • Writing evergreen books and Adam’s strategies in promoting his book

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