106. Nicholas Webb – What Customers Crave: Driving Disruption & Innovation

Nicholas Webb is the author of What Customers Crave: How to Create Relevant and Memorable Experiences at Every Touchpoint and The Innovation Mandate: The Growth Secrets of the Best Organizations in the World. Nick, widely regarded as an innovation evangelist, is a speaker and entrepreneur who founded LeaderLogic Management Consultants, an organization dedicated to driving strategic excellence, innovation, and customer experience design. He was honored with a Doctorate in Humane Letters by the Western University of Health and Sciences, where he also serves as an adjunct professor and Chief Innovation Officer.

Nicholas joins me today to discuss how to foster innovation in companies. He reveals the three key trends that drive disruption as well as the critical risks to companies. He explores the idea of improving and evolving yourself every day, serving a mission that matters, and the importance of living life consciously. He also explains why legacy is an insidious problem in an organization, why spoken communication is the future, and how a post-COVID-19 economy will require individuals and organizations to be innovators.

“Consumers want an Apple-like experience: they want it friction-free, customized, and relevant.” – Nicholas Webb

This week on The School for Good Living Podcast:

  • What Nicholas believes are the three things that create an amazing life
  • Finding joy and fulfillment in the service of a mission
  • Nicholas’s journey from growing up in poverty with an educational handicap to adjunct professor and innovator
  • What meaningful consequences are and why pain may be the universe’s way of taking us to our purpose
  • Nicholas’s three principles for finding your innate form of genius
  • The meaning of developmental stasis and the role of conscientiousness in improvement and change
  • The three trends that drive disruption and what it means to innovate
  • The five touchpoints of an organization and the necessity to architect them
  • The power of future casting and its impact on the future of organizations
  • What asynchronous communication is and why spoken language is the future
  • How to develop effective communication and the characteristics that make a compelling communicator
  • Nicholas’s process and approach to writing and the stage-gate analysis for books

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