109. Philip Goldberg – Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times: Developing Wisdom and Compassion

Philip Goldberg is a public speaker, spiritual counselor, and the author of Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times: Powerful Tools to Cultivate Clarity, Calm, and Courage and The Life of Yogananda: The Story of the Yogi Who Became the First Modern Guru, among numerous others. Philip is a meditation teacher and ordained interfaith minister who has spent over 50 years studying Transcendental Meditation. In addition to his books, Philip also regularly contributes writing to the Elephant Journal and Spirituality & Health and co-hosts the Spirits Matters Podcast.

Philip joins me in this episode to share his spiritual journey. He illustrates the turning point in life that set him off in his spiritual path to find truth and wisdom. He imparts some of the lessons he learned from practicing Eastern spiritual traditions and explains what turiya, or the Fourth Mode of Consciousness, means. He also shares the practical benefits of spiritual practice and highlights the relevance of cultivating spirituality in today’s world of uncertainty.

“Spiritual practice creates a good foundation for more effective action in the world and equips you to act in a wise, creative, and compassionate way.” – Philip Goldberg

This week on The School for Good Living Podcast:

  • Spirituality as the foundation of living a meaningful and powerful life
  • The illusion of separation and what life is about for Philip
  • The relevance of bringing spiritual practices to everyday life
  • The meaning of sadhana in Hindu traditions and the importance of regular practice
  • The practical benefits of a spiritual practice and how people think of spirituality as a luxury
  • The impetus behind Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times and for whom he wrote it
  • Searching for truth and wisdom and the experience that launched Philip on his spiritual path
  • Developing equanimity and why we shouldn’t deny our humanity
  • The meaning of turiya in Hinduism and the three aspects of consciousness
  • Why you can’t force meditative states into happening
  • Being deep in spirituality while engaged in the affairs of the world
  • What Philip learned from writing The Life of Yogananda
  • How Philip realized he’s a writer and the challenges he faced as an independent writer
  • Philip’s writing process for creating a book, from concept to completion
  • Mindsets and characteristics that will help you succeed in writing
  • Getting unstuck in the creative process and the writer’s block
  • Philip’s advice and encouragement for writers

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