145 Boyd Varty – The Lion Tracker’s Guide To Life

Boyd Varty is an experienced tracker, a skill he gained from a growing up on the Londolozi Wild Game Reserve in South Africa. He spent his early years exploring the terrain and learning the trade of a tracker, before taking over the reserve that his grandfather started. It was there that he met a particular woman who opened his eyes to the more important things in life. He has since ventured to do the same for others, striving to help them “track” their lives and discover their true purposes. He has written two books in this effort, The Lion Tracker’s Guide To Life, and Cathedral of the Wild: An African Journey Home.

Boyd joins me today to talk about his unique journey through life, including what it was like to grow up on an African game reserve, and a higher calling he found that urged him to leave. We talk about the skills that an experienced tracker must gain, and how they apply to coaching. He also sheds a very unique and naturalistic perspective on what it means to live a good life.

“Let go of the outcome and just do the next thing that feels good.”

This week on the School For Good Living Podcast:

  • Finding your inner harmony
  • Life on the Londolozi Game Reserve
  • A change in life paths
  • Skills of a tracker
  • Finding your path
  • Clean fear versus dirty fear
  • How to become a good storyteller

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