156. Neal Allen – Shapes of Truth: Discover God Inside You

Neal Allen describes himself as pink, fluffy, love. He’s written a book called Shapes of Truth: Discover God Inside You, which is an interesting book to write for someone who declared himself an atheist at the age of 14. In this conversation and in the book, he lays out some interesting ideas about how we can really get in touch with what’s truly inside us and what’s not. Neal worked for many years as a journalist, and he entered the corporate world where he worked as an executive. Ultimately, he left that to explore a life of coaching and service. A lot of his work has involved looking at the identities we live, how we can dissolve those, and how we can create new and more empowering ones.

In this interview, Neal describes two of the most shaping periods in his life – the “stop believing my story” period and the “burning down the house” period. We get a taste of his transformation process as he takes Brilliant through one that he describes in his book, where we can go deep into an aspect inside ourselves. Neal also takes Brilliant through the enlightening lightning round with him. So not only will you hear his answers in this interview, but Brilliant’s as well. This captivating interview provides techniques to discover ourselves and make the best of who we are.

“When you give yourself the right to look at something like deficient emptiness… it feels like it has actually been seen through… it waves goodbye and disappears.”

This week on the School for Good Living Podcast:

  • Bridging the gap from atheism
  • Bob and the work he did with Neal – The “Stop believing my story” period of life
  • Dissolving self identities – The “Burning down the house” period of life
  • Brilliant “discovering God” inside himself
  • The “I don’t know” approach
  • Brilliant joins Neal for the enlightening lightning round

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