173. Kim Scott – Just Work: How to Root Out Bias, Prejudice, and Bullying to Build a Kick-Ass Culture of Inclusivity

Kim Scott is the author of several very impactful books, some of which you may have heard of, such as “Radical Candor,” that give some very useful perspectives on how to give feedback, and how to receive feedback. Her latest book is called “Just Work: How to Root Out Bias, Prejudice, and Bullying to Build a Kickass Culture of Inclusivity.” Kim was a CEO coach at Dropbox, Qualtrics, Twitter, and other tech companies. She was a member of the faculty at Apple University and before that led teams at Google, including AdSense. She also managed a pediatric clinic in Kosovo and started a diamond-cutting factory in Moscow. Kim is especially admirable because she’s not just writing from theory, but from deep experience.

In this interview on the School for Good Living Podcast, Kim joins Brilliant to discuss some of the different roles that we play as we go through life and in the workplace. She talks about the workplace, what to do when we are a person being harmed, or when we are the person who causes harm, when we’re in a leadership position, when we are someone who just observes this, and what our responsibility is or might be and how to effectively handle situations. Throughout the interview, Kim shares how effectively handling potentially difficult situations can be a key to good living.

“Bias is a pattern – and we as humans are pattern makers; but we’re also pattern changers, and we can change those patterns.”

This week on the School for Good Living Podcast:

  • How to celebrate failures and successes
  • What you can gain from weeding out the bias in the words you choose
  • How to stand up to bias, prejudice, and bullying in the workplace
  • Designing management systems around fairness and safety
  • Using writing to rejuvenate
  • Making a difference through editing

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