179. Coaches Commonplace Book #2

Dean Miles is a fellow member of the Marshall Goldsmith 100 coaches group. Dean joins me in this special series where we dive into some of our philosophies about coaching and good living.

Join us in this unique podcast episode with my co-host, Dean Miles, and I explore a new thought activity where we read the headline of a magazine cover and share what things we would include if we were to write the articles ourselves.

“Our behavior always follows who we know ourselves to be.”

This week on the School for Good Living Podcast:

  • What is a commonplace book and why this series is named after it
  • Brilliant’s magazine headline – 18 Ways to Overhaul Your Life Starting Today
    • Brilliant’s ideas for overhauling your life
    • Dean’s ideas on overhauling your life
    • Stories of people who have overhauled their lives
  • Dean’s magazine headline – The science of inspirational quotes
    • Some of Dean’s favorite aphorisms and proverbs – as well as some of his own
  • The uplifting way of making amends
  • Attitudes that help in overcoming challenges
  • How quotes can help you have good living

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